McIntosh Gallery


September 22 - October 28, 2017 
Jay Isaac, Luis Jacob, Olia Mishchenko, Pirbhai + Turner, and Young & Giroux
Curated by Adam Lauder
Opening Reception: Friday, September 22, 7-9 PM
Curator-Led Tour Saturday, September 30, 12 PM

Jay Isaac, Untitled - from the series The Sponges, 2014, acrylic and chalk on canvas, 60” x 48"

Curated by Adam Lauder, Futurisms sets out to both recover and challenge the avant-garde's potential to engage and transform the social. Luis Jacob, Jay Isaac, Olia Mishchenko, Turner & Pirbhai, and Young & Giroux rewrite familiar histories of the future by offering critical perspectives on the recent and distant past while weaving futural fictions. The exhibition revisits the mixed legacies of historical futurist movements as a framework for situating metamodernist inquiry within Canada’s highly conflicted histories of techno-nationalism, colonialism, and slavery. A forthcoming catalogue will plot these concerns within a trajectory emanating from the visionary speculations of the London, Ontario-based radical psychiatrist R.M. Bucke.

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